Contact Care is a home grown Irish company that has been providing high quality homecare services throughout Dublin for over 14 years.

Contact Care is a home grown Irish Company with an experienced caring team of healthcare professionals. We are flexible and forward thinking in our delivery of services and provide care to Older Persons and Young Adults. We are not just another homecare provider. Our company has expanded primarily through its reputation among HSE professionals and voluntary organisations.

Contact Care are passionate about working with individuals and families to find solutions. We are recognised for the high level of skilled and targeted care and support that we provide to the frail, unwell and those with a disability. Contact Care help individuals to change and improve their lives while remaining at home.

Recent News

Healthy Eating Tips

It is estimated that among adults in Ireland, Salt intake is 66% above the recommended daily amount. Over half of the salt in our diet comes from processed foods. There are many risks associated with high salt intake. These include an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. There is some good…

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