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One Company, One Complete Homecare Solution


Contact Care provide a waking and a sleeping overnight service in your home. This is a great solution to help an individual feel safe in their home at night and confident that they have support at hand should they need it. The service also provides much needed respite for a family caregiver living with someone who needs assistance. 

  • Waking Overnight
    • The carer will remain awake for the night and be there for you should you require assistance or support.
    • Alternatively, the carer can check on you at an agreed regular intervals e.g. hourly or 2 hourly throughout the night
  • Sleeping overnight
    • This can be a 10 or 12 hour night (To be pre agreed)
    • Your carer will help to settle you for bed
    • They will then go to bed themselves in a room nearby but will be on call should you need them during the night


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