Mobility Care

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Mobility Care

A mobility assessment is carried out on any individual requiring assistance with transfers or walking etc. This is very important in ensuring that the correct handling and transfer decisions are made. Assessing the individual’s mobility helps us to put a mobility plan in place that ensures safe handling techniques, adequate number of carers in place using the correct equipment. This reduces the potential risk of falls and other adverse outcomes associated with immobility.

Our carers can use a wide range of mobility equipment including standing and ceiling hoists, sliding sheets and bath lifts. Every one of our carers has a current patient moving and handling certificate and they are shadowed and trained on all new hoisting and transfer equipment that they may have to use. Safety is our priority.

Skin care is an important aspect of mobility care that we take very seriously. Our carers are trained in recognising if an individual is at risk of developing a pressure sore or if they have any signs of friction burns from incorrect transfers. They communicate any issues and the supervisors and coordinators will carry out a follow up. The follow up may involve a reassessment of the transfer or contacting the OT to assess a wheelchair, asking the Public Health Nurse to organise an air mattress etc.