One Company, One Complete Homecare Solution



The service we provide in Contact Care can be funded privately or through a HSE care package.

There are many reasons that you may require care at home - following an illness, or due to a disability or after a stay in hospital or following rehabilitation in a nursing home.

HSE funding

If you are applying to the HSE for a homecare package, they will carry out a Care Needs Assessment for you. This will look at your overall health care needs and your social circumstances, and will identify what level of care you are currently receiving and what other supports you may need. This assessment will be reviewed and if successful you will be granted a certain number of hours per week for example 7 hours with 1 hour per day or 21 hours with 3 1 hour calls per day.

The HSE will provide you with a list of approved agencies in your area and ask if you have a preference. Contact Care are an approved Homecare package provider and can be found on the list. The HSE will notify us when you have made your decision. We will make contact with you to organise a meeting and carry out a Comprehensive Assessment. We will be funded directly by the HSE.

Private Funding

Our services are available in a private capacity. Just call us directly 01 4976035 or email us on and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and our tariffs.

If you employ a carer for yourself or on behalf of a family member, you can claim the tax relief on the cost of that care. (A family member is a spouse, civil partner, child or a relative, including a relation by marriage or civil partnership.) It is important to note that you cannot claim tax relief for employing a carer if the carer only carries out housekeeper duties.

The maximum amount of relief for employing a carer is €75,000 in 2017. You must claim the relief each year. You can get tax relief on the cost of employing a carer, less any amount recovered from the HSE. If two or more of you pay for the care, the relief is divided between you in proportion to the amount each paid. 

If you are a PAYE taxpayer, you can apply for tax relief on a HKI form.  Your certificate of tax credits will be increased to include the relief due and you will pay less tax each week from your salary. Alternatively, you can claim relief at the end of the tax year by submitting your form P60 and that of your spouse or civil partner, if applicable, to your local Revenue office.
If you pay tax by self-assessment the claim for tax relief for employing a carer should also be sent on form HK 1 and attached to your annual tax return.