One Company, One Complete Homecare Solution



Whether you are referred to Contact Care by the HSE or arrange your care privately with us a Care Coordinator will be assigned to you. Each client has their own Client Services Coordinator who will be your single point of contact. Your Client Services Coordinator will manage all aspects of your care needs.

They will make contact with you to organise a suitable time to come out and see you in your home (or the hospital, if you’re currently in hospital) to do an assessment. They will ask you if you would like to have a friend or family member there when they call, that may help during your assessment.

Every client has a Comprehensive Assessment carried out. This gives us a clear baseline picture of your current health and care needs. The information from your assessment forms the basis of your Care Plan.

Before proceeding with the assessment, the coordinator will ask your consent. They may also ask your permission to talk to people who provide you with support, such as the hospital staff, a family member or carer.

The assessment will include questions about:

  • Your current health status and medical conditions
  • Any health concerns you may have
  • Your mobility and how you get around your house.
  • Your day-to-day living activities and if you need help with any areas
  • Your general diet and food preferences
  • What care needs you require assistance with and what supports you may be currently receiving
  • What medications you are on and how you manage these


The coordinator will want to look around your home to complete a safety risk assessment. They will look at the access to the bathrooms and wash and toilet facilities, stairs (if you are living in a multi-storey house and bedroom and bed (if assistance is required with getting in and out of bed). They will note if you have any pets in the house. They will note any hazards.

As part of the assessment process, you will be asked if you have anyone helping you at the moment. This may be a family member or friend, or someone you know to be your carer. They may ask what type of care is being provided and if there are any problems with the arrangement.

Once the assessment is completed the Client Coordinator will then get to work on your Care Plan.